We Moved!

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this is the beginning of something amazing…


today. we met. and it was amazing.

we have so many ideas its unreal, but it felt so good to sit and come up with a game plan.  we are so going to get our act in gear for you.  and we hope you love what comes from it.

i should’ve taken a photo of the table after the actual meeting started.  you would have seen a bumbo-ed penny in the midst of our oatmeal bowls and paper strewn about with (what we think is organized) notes.

we cant wait for whats in store!

oh lawd!

I cannot believe that it has been an entire year since we have blogged.  Some crazy stuff has gone down…like…I had a baby! What!?!  My husband and I welcomed Penelope Joy into the world September 13, 2014.


This photo doesn’t do her cuteness justice, and was taken about 4 months ago, but it does show how we aggressively love this little weirdo.  If you want to see some pretty damn cute photos of this one, you can check out my blog.  Just click on the bear cave link up in our menu section : ).

We are nearly 6 months deep into this parenthood thing and we’re finally getting the hang of it.  Well…i don’t think we’ll ever really get the “hang of it”…but were not as “holy crap we have a baby what are we doing with our lives right now?!?!” any more.  Which means…Faith and I can FINALLY get back down to business.  Ideas are in the works my friends.  Meetings are being planned and soon to be had.  We’re going to be putting our heads together to figure this thing out so that we can bring you the best that we can.  We have a lot of ideas…almost…too much.

We’re going to start working on something pretty special, and we’re super excited!  In the mean time we’ll be visiting this space (hopefully more frequently) trying to provide updates, and little projects along the way.  Hopefully by summer we will have a new look on the blog and a new bag o tricks to share.  We are VERY excited, and we hope you are too : )


Easter tree!

When I was kid, every spring my mom and I did three things.

One, we always decorated eggs on Good Friday which I refused to eat because they were too pretty. I wouldn’t let anyone else eat them either so they would sit in the bowl looking be-yoo-ti-ful until my mom finally snuck them out of the house while I was at school. Second, we always had daffodils. My mom would buy a bunch of daffodils the second they hit the store and we’d have the sweet blooms in our house through Easter at least. And Three, we always decorated a little Easter Tree.

Feeling a little sentimental, I went this year to search for my own. Maybe I waited too late to start shopping or maybe they just don’t exist anymore but I couldn’t find an Easter tree to satisfy my heart’s nostalgia anywhere. (Cadbury eggs, however, are still everywhere. And delicious…)

So, I gathered some supplies and made my own. For my tree I purchased:

•two packages paper wrapped floral wire
•several bunches of spring leaves (craft store floral department)
•one mason jar
•one package of moss
•one styrofoam cone

First, I wrapped the floral wire around itself to form a tree shape. Some branches I made longer, some shorter, some crooked, some more straight.


Next, I took some of the spring leaves and berries I got from the floral department and, after separating them into individual twigs, wrapped them around the branches of my tree. Mine had little eggs on them also, most of which I snipped off.



I planned on putting my Easter tree in a mason jar and purchased a styrofoam to keep it in place. I trimmed the cone down so it just fit into the jar and hot glued it to the bottom. Then, I pressed the trunk of my Easter tree into the styrofoam to hold it still.


And finally, I stuffed some moss down around the styrofoam to cover it up and, let’s be honest, because moss is cute. I finished my tree up with a colorful yarn bow and a few little Easter eggs.



And that’s it! I love how little and sweet it is as well as the spring touch it brings to our little home. Happy Spring!!!

The One with the Fox’s Wedding

This is the one where I’m supposed to talk about my wedding. I should gush over the decor and rave about the food and go on at length about the joy, the lights, the people…but the truth is, I’ve struggled to put into words how wonderful the day really was. The details were, in fact, perfect (miss bear saw to that) and the food was scrumptious but, try as I might, words fail to fully describe the beauty of that day.

What I can say with certainty is what I felt. On September 8, 2012, I was caught up in the purest most wonderful happiness. So calm, knowing without a single doubt that I was marrying my very best friend in the whole world.  It was a perfect, giddy, light-filled day when all things came together for good.

The pictures say it best. This is us, and this was our perfect day.

 -the fox



Details – Fox&Bear

Photography – Melissa Shaw Photography

Flowers – Gretchen Lee of “Details of the Day”

Catering – Bean Town Coffee Bar

We’re Alive!!!

Oh, hey! Remember us?

The holidays happened and we were uber busy with the normal holiday madness.  Scootin our boots all over town to all our family and friends.  I even had to pull some over time at work (lame…supalame)

I thought i’d stop by and share a little recipe on the old bloggity blog.

For those of you who know me, you know what a feat this is!  I am quite domestically challenged.  I wish i wasn’t, but its true.  I cant even make microwave popcorn without either burning the crap out of it, or popping 2 kernels out of the bunch.

Any-who…this is my adventure in domes-ticity (?).  I made a little concoction last night (with the help of my boss who has sweet sweet ideas!)

Here it is…my crispy ranch chicken!


You can totally do things completely different than I did, but I’ll just share exactly what I did in my experience.

Whatcha Need:

  • bread
  • parmesean cheese
  • ranch dressing
  • boneless skinless chicken breast

Whatcha Do:

  • preheat oven at 350
  • toast the bread on a low setting.  i only used two pieces.
  • break up the bread and place in a chopper.  pulse on high until bread crumbs are fine.
  • add some parmasean cheese in the mix and pulse that tasty goodness one more time!
  • take two bowls and put ranch dressing in one and the bread crumbs in the other (i honestly used probably 2 or three table spoons of ranch.
  • dip chicken in ranch (get it alllll nice and ranchy) then dip that ranch smothered chicken in the bread crumbs
  • place chicken on a cookie sheet and pop in the oven  (we baked ours for 20 minutes, because they were small chicken tenders, you may have to cook yours longer depending on the size of the breast (he he…breast…imanadult))

While those bad boys were bakin I made some asparagus and some red potatoes with rosemary (just with a little oil and salt and pepper on the stove.)  And then voila!


Dinner is served.

I was actually quite proud of myself.  This may be the simplest thing to most of you ladies out there, with your mad dinner skillz.  But for the domestically challenged…my people…there is hope!  Don’t be afraid!  We can do this, and we, our husbands, children, or roommates will be well fed!

What are some simple recipes you love to make (id like to try them 🙂 )

…Katie (the bear).

A whole lot of awesome!

Hello Friends!

We’ve been a little M.I.A since the hootenanny.  Truth be told, its because:

1.  We were recovering.  Oh man, it was sure a lot of work.  So worth it.  We had such a great time that we decided to have a 2nd Hootenanny.  Which brings us to reasons why we’ve been absent number 2…

2.  We are doing another Hootenanny.

We have just received some really amazing photos of some of the action from our dear friend Kimberly Bogardus.  You should check out her photo skillz on her website right…HERE!

So enjoy this little photo tour of Hootenanny numbero uno.  There are a lot.  So [fox&] bear with us (ha…seewhatwedidthere).

download download2 download3 download4 download5 download6 download7 download8 download9 download10 download11 download12 download13 download14 download15 download16 download17 download18

A big ginormous thank you to Kim for the lovely photos and to everyone who came out, despite trick weather!

We were so overjoyed to see so many people be a part of this little adventure!  The vendors were wonderful, the musicians were perfect, and we could not have been more excited about how everything turned out.

Well…maybe if it didn’t rain…but that aside.  Perfection.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you this weekend at Beantown for round 2!


Fox and Bear

(We may have been o.d.-ing on some gossip girl lately…nojudgment.)